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Know about Jigo,

Jigo has been characterized as a funny, witty, and curious student who is although a backbencher yet asks a lot of questions in the class, which compels the teachers to answer even the smallest things considered silly or stupid by others. However, in reality, there’s nothing silly or stupid in the learning process, as asking questions clarifies a lot of things that otherwise remain unanswered, leaving doubts in students’ minds.

The Jigo app has been conceptualized with the same thought process. It features explanatory videos, lectures, practice questions, worksheets, and much more to make the learning process easier, simpler, and convenient for the students. So, befriend ‘Jigo’ who feels ‘Maths is magic’ and ‘Gyan Sathe Gammat’.


Jigo The App

Empower your brain for excellence! Subscribe and explore numerous lecture videos, practice modules, and revision worksheets on Maths and Reasoning anytime, anywhere… It’s a free-to-download app that gives students the freedom to access the teachings they want at their convenience.

Jigo The App

Jigo aims to be the go-to app for the students who want to learn, understand and excel in Maths and Reasoning subjects. The app features plenty of information for the students, who want to enhance their learning beyond classroom lessons.



User Friendly

Clean layout with
easy to navigate sections

Creative Concepts

In-depth concept learning with videos at any time to improve the student's learning experience.

Wider Choice

Choose from Free/Paid courses,
worksheets & more

Smart Learning

Practice videos, engaging content,
and quizzes for better Understanding



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